The bookshelf is one of our favorite pieces of furniture because it's a multi-tasker. A room divider, a display stand, a sculptural piece, and of course, a shelf for books, it works hard and has so many functions. Style and restyle these current top 10 picks to create a special space in just about any room.

Alexis Givens Interiors | Top Ten Bookshelves for Styling |

(1) Curiosity Ascending Wall Unit,, $9,844  (2) Polo Etagere,, contact us for pricing  (3) Hitch Bookcase (plus add-on unit),, $1,098  (4) Rhyder Bookcase,, $1,099  (5) Stacked Shelving System,, starting at $139  (6) Somerset Bay Arundel Bookcase,, $2,670  (7) Maxim Shelving,, $2,595  (8) Mondrian Bookcase,, contact us for pricing  (9) Publishers Clear House Bookcase,, $399  (10) Reclaimed Pine Tall Bookcase,, $1,299