On a recent trip to the D&D Building, we searched for wallpapers for a room we're working on that's full of blue boho flair. We fell for these block-printed wallpapers at Schumacher, which got us thinking about how block prints have really become a household name. 

 Jaipur | Hand Block Wallcoverings Collection,

Jaipur | Hand Block Wallcoverings Collection,

While block print is not a new trend, it’s definitely on its way to becoming a modern design staple. The technique itself is centuries old and is thought to have originated in China or India. Wood blocks are carved with intricate patterns, inked, and then hand-stamped onto textiles or paper. The relief-printing process leaves a raised texture on the surface of the fabric, which is, in my opinion, the best part of a true, hand-stamped block print!

John Robshaw, who can be credited with giving this ancient technique new life in the modern design world, still uses the same, original process for printing his fabrics. I’m loving his newest pillow collection, which has block prints in a gorgeous palette of blues, greys, and whites. 

 Bannu Pillow Collection, , $100-$190

Bannu Pillow Collection,, $100-$190

 Rabari Light Indigo Decorative Pillow, , $175

Rabari Light Indigo Decorative Pillow,, $175

Of course, hand-blocked textiles can be on the pricier side, so for my clients on a budget, I recommend fabrics that have the look of a block print but aren’t actually produced by hand. John Robshaw also designed a beautiful line of printed patterns for Duralee, some of which mimic the style (if not feel) of traditional hand-blocking. 

 John Robshaw for Duralee,

John Robshaw for Duralee,

This is an especially great option for houses with young kids, as the fabrics will be less precious (and less likely to give Mom a heart attack if something gets spilled on them)!

For more information about ordering these fabrics, feel free to contact us; we'd love to help!