You know interior design is more than just a job when you spend even your "down-time" scouting out furniture stores and hunting for new design resources. This past weekend, I stumbled into Post Modern Home in Darien, CT and was blown away by what I found there. 

In general, Fairfield County has some incredible furniture shopping, but Drew Clark, who opened Post Modern Home after many years in advertising, antique-dealing, and furniture-flipping, has really hit on something unique and exciting here. He finds vintage furniture (mostly mid-century modern styles) and, together with his team of local artisans, reupholsters, refinishes, and restores them to their original glory (though I suspect many look far better now than they ever did before!). 

There's also a wonderful selection of artwork, lighting, and decorative objects, arranged so beautifully with the furniture that it's easy to picture them as the finishing touches for any room.

The space is huge, over 5,000 square feet. I spent half a day there and took so many photos, I nearly filled up my camera! In particular, I was loving the lacquered dressers and consoles and mid-century modern chairs, which have become true design classics but are definitely having a major moment right now. These one-of-a-kind, reinvented pieces felt so much more special than all of their big-box store replicas, though.

Post Modern Home is located at 110 Post Road in Darien, CT, and they also have a beautiful website, where they feature many of their favorite items.