Spring is officially here (although the weather in Connecticut is not totally cooperating just yet)! Every year, right after Easter, I take the opportunity to do some heavy-duty Spring Cleaning in my home. There's something so refreshing about opening up the windows, clearing out the clutter, and starting off the warmer months with a fresh, clean slate. Here are some of my favorite tools and products for Spring Cleaning and every day home maintenance:

Alexis Givens Interiors Spring Cleaning Essentials | deardesigndiary.com

1) Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum, mielestore.com, $949

The Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners. When I first started working at Martha, I was amazed that every employee had one of these, and Martha used only Miele vacuums for every nook and cranny in every one of her houses. They're pricey but well worth it. Hands down the best vacuum I've ever owned.

2) Dyson V6 Absolute, dyson.com, $479.99

I love this cordless model because it's so easy to do a quick vacuum anywhere, especially on the stairs or under the table after a messy, kid meal. It's also light enough to dust up high, reach cobwebs, or even suck up pesky bugs crawling on walls. 

3) Scooba Floor Scrubbing Robot, irobot.com, $499.99

I use this in my kitchen almost daily to get toddler guck off the floor. Easy peasy, as you just touch a button and it goes. One of the best inventions ever!

4) Better Life Cleaning Products, cleanhappens.com, $6.99 & up

I first saw these natural cleaning products on Shark Tank, and now I'm a total convert. They're naturally scented with essential oils, work well in every room, and are so much more reasonably priced than a lot of other green products on the market.

5) Zabada Clean Products, zabadaclean.com, $10 & up

These non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products are so cool and unlike anything I've ever used before. I'm always afraid of my daughter being exposed to cleaning chemical residue, so these "gloves" and "marvels" are a great alternative, since they use just water to remove bacteria.


Happy Spring Cleaning!