Any mom, working or at-home, will tell you that the one of the hardest parts of the job is staying organized. Between meal planning, activities, birthday parties, and playdates (not to mention our own grown-up commitments), we've all had occasions when we've found ourselves scrambling for a last-minute gift or card or art project to keep our kids entertained.

That's why I love the idea of a "One-Stop Shop," a store or website where I can stock up, ahead of time, on gifts, stationery, toys, anything that will help keep our days (and social calendars) running smoothly and stress-free! 

     1) Little Elephant Candy Stripes,  , $38  2) Rainy Day Lambswool Throw,  , $296  3) Rainy Day Lambswool Children's Blanket,  , $80  4) European Vacation Travel Guide Set,  , $28  5) Ikonik Makeup Bag,  , $22


1) Little Elephant Candy Stripes,, $38  2) Rainy Day Lambswool Throw,, $296  3) Rainy Day Lambswool Children's Blanket,, $80  4) European Vacation Travel Guide Set,, $28  5) Ikonik Makeup Bag,, $22

One of my new favorite One-Stop Shops is the website, Artsy Modern. They offer a range of products, from home decor to greeting cards to jewelry to toys, most from brands based overseas (minus the international shipping). I love that a lot of the gifts I purchase there are items that are often hard to find elsewhere in the U.S., so I know I'm showing up to the party with something special and unique. These are some of my favorites to have on hand.

 6) Birthday Present Card, , $4.50  7) Paris Card Set, , $24  8) Jolly Kangaroos Stamp, , $14

6) Birthday Present Card,, $4.50  7) Paris Card Set,, $24  8) Jolly Kangaroos Stamp,, $14