We've long been fans of the mural wall (remember the incredible design by Rebecca Rebouche we used in our Dining by Design booth for Anthropologie?!). Which is why were so excited to find Anewall, whose self-adhesive mural wallpapers are bold in statement yet soothing in color and make this (potentially expensive) design option accessible to everyone. 

 Clouded Mural, , $349

Clouded Mural,, $349

Started just two years ago, Anewall came to be when sister-duo Sidney and Richele Penner wanted to put up a French Countryside mural in their family home but couldn't find anything they loved. So, naturally, they purchased a large commercial printer and printed "The Harvesters" themselves! (It's now one of their best sellers.)

 Left: Geometric Shapes, , $389; Right: Triangles, , $389

Left: Geometric Shapes,, $389; Right: Triangles,, $389

Over the past 6 months, they've started to incorporate more contemporary designs in the shop, but they say their true passion is still Victorian style.

 Left: Spring Floral, , $399; Right: Watercolor Cactus, , $399

Left: Spring Floral,, $399; Right: Watercolor Cactus,, $399

What an incredible and easy way to bring bare walls to life! We love these for powder rooms, playrooms, and even whimsical dining spaces. Who says a wall can't be a conversation piece?!